We love drinking maté and we wanted to bring this wonderful plant directly from our homeland to you. Cultures in South America have used yerba mate, and erva-mate, for centuries. The tradition started with the Guarani nation, native people from the rainforest, and today drinking mate is a daily habit for people in Argentina, southern Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay…and from around the world.

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The Meta Mate Difference

  • metadiffFresh and Wild hand made mate harvested in season.
  • Sustainable Industrial alternatives.
  • Transparent Origins and Open Source Philosophy

The best mate has to suit the individual needs as much as the collective ones. Our artisanal Meta Mate is produced by a small family of farmers by one hand. We offer to trace every harvest back up to the forest. Wild artesenal Mate brings a higher income and level of autonomy for small farmers, where else, mono-cultures and certifications are normally connected to larger land owners or cooperatives where the quality of the mate is lower and the independence and income of the small farmers are less. We dedicate ourselves, research and do a reforestation project to promote a peer to peer business model.

In order to attend the demand for good yerba maté,  META MATE also offers a line of industrial products, using always best quality leaves and producing  to suit a wide market. See #23 and NEW #42!

Organic line available for Wholesale

Mate is chock-full of health-promoting properties. The one benefit new mate drinkers experience immediately is the alertness that it gives without the common afternoon energy slump. You wake up, drink mate, and feel energized − no nervous excitement, just clear-headed focus. And unlike coffee, yerba mate hydrates you. It also feeds your body with minerals and vitamins (including A, C, and E). These are some of the reasons Dr. Oz calls it a “Miracle Drink.” If you only use coffee or black tea for energy, try Yerba Mate today.

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