We love drinking yerba mate and we wanted to bring this wonderful plant directly from our homeland to you. Cultures in South America have used yerba mate for centuries. The tradition started with the Guarani nation, native people from the rainforest, and today drinking mate is a daily habit for people in Argentina, southern Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay…and from around the world.

Mate is chock-full of health-promoting properties. The one benefit new mate drinkers experience immediately is the alertness that it gives without the common afternoon energy slump. You wake up, drink mate, and feel energized − no nervous excitement, just clear-headed focus. And unlike coffee, yerba mate hydrates you. It also feeds your body with minerals and vitamins (including A, C, and E). These are some of the reasons Dr. Oz calls it a “Miracle Drink.” If you only use coffee or black tea for energy, try Yerba Mate today.





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