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We love drinking maté and we are excited to bring this wonderful product from our homeland directly to you!

Maté leaves are used to prepare drinks that have long been a cherished tradition in various South American countries. It all started with the Guarani nation, native people from the rainforest and today drinking maté is a daily ritual for many people from Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and southern Brazil … and now around the world.

Maté is loaded with health promoting benefits.  The one property new maté drinkers immediately experience is the alertness that it provides without the common afternoon slump. You wake up, drink maté, and feel energized!  None of the nervous excitement only clear-headed focus. Completely different than coffee, yerba maté totally hydrates you. It also feeds your body with vitamins (including A, C, and E) and minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium) . These are just some of the reasons nationally renowned Dr. Oz calls it a “Miracle Drink.”  If you have only used coffee or black tea for energy, try Yerba Maté today. Click here to see a variety of maté products.

Enjoy Yerba Maté for a smooth form of energy −

— without the jitters and a crash later.


  • Our top priorities are quality and traditional production
  • We use leaves from wild-grown trees,
  • smoked with mate wood, and pounded by a water-run wooden machine
  • Our sustainable production is not dependent on electricity