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Project Maté Bar was founded in 2011.

We offer pure, 100% natural and fresh yerba maté harvested sustainably from wild-growth forest trees in the southern Brazilian state called Rio Grande do Sul at the town of Sao Martinho.   Meta Mate the brand, offers a unique flavor and fragrance containing multiple nutrients that promote a healthy lifestyle.  These qualities are unique to the brand and are the reasons that our customers always return for more.  In addition to loose leaf yerba mate in bulk, we also offer maté accessories, organic blended teas and Belgian chocolate infused with our signature ingredient.  At the heart of our business is a commitment to superior quality through the use of traditional methods of production.  Along with that is the pure desire to share products that positively impact the lives of those that experience them as well as benefit the planet.




Enjoy Yerba Maté for a smooth form of energy −

— without the jitters and a crash later.


  • Our top priorities are quality and traditional production
  • We use leaves from wild-grown trees,
  • smoked with mate wood, and pounded by a water-run wooden machine
  • Our sustainable production is not dependent on electricity