Hello Matero!


If you are fortunate to have a Gourd find it’s way to you, we recommend you to take following steps for the ultimate enjoyment of your MATÉ. (there are many techniques to cure the mate gourd, this is merely our suggested process)


1 – Rinse out the Gourd thoroughly with boiling water … once this process is complete, NEVER again use boiling water near your MATE. 🙂


2 – Fill about half the Gourd with loose leaf Yerba Maté then hydrate with more hot water. Allow to sit overnight, making sure to coat the entire interior of the Gourd with the wet yerba leaves – and just about humid by the water. That next morning, rinse the Gourd out thoroughly once again and repeat step 2 … after this you will be able to begin drinking normally.


3 – Once you have finished enjoying your first Maté, always make sure to rinse out your Gourd completely with water only (no soap) and be sure to place the Porongo Gourd where it can completely dry out before using it again. If you have more than one Maté Gourd, we recommend you alternate their usage.