Meta Mate

is fresh, self-harvested Mate. It has 100% old-growth forest origins. It was smoked with Yerba Mate wood, dried in a traditional manner, all from one hand.

  • In some places, like in Argentina, it is recommended to use the Yerba-Mate only after a rest of at least 6 Months. This procedure increases the caffeine content and reflects the nature of the trees harvested. After studying the indigenous tradition, talking to families who have produced Yerba-Mate for generations, and trying ourselves, we learned the the highest quality depends on the freshness of the product. After 15 days rest we get the brightest color, strong fragrance and intense (not bitter) taste. More about caffeine, theobromine, chlorophyl contents are available over email request.
  • 100% old-growth forest origins:
    By using trees up to 100 years old (see picture below) that reside in the shady Atlantic Forest, and balancing between large and small leaves, while avoiding the shining small leaves (preferable for the industrual bitter taste), we ensure the best raw material. It is known that not only the tree species but the environment are very important for the leaves’ quality and eventual taste.
  • Smoked with Yerba Mate wood, dried in a traditional manner, all from one hand:
    Unlike coffee, whose flavour is largely dependent on the roasing, mate’s flavour is released during a rapid burning procedure. The industry does the rapid burning on metal containers using hot air without direct contact to the fire. Meta Mate, however, uses the traditional indigenous procedure with a careful hand contact to the fire.