Selected from forests protected from contamination, frozen to avoid oxidation and dried in very low, controlled temperatures. This fibre-cut is a novelty that Meta Mate is bringing on the market. It has a gentle, smooth flavour and an earthy fragrance and is unlike standard Argentinean stored or Brasilian grassy mates.

Due to its unique processing method, this Mate is known as the edible mate and can be sprinkled on your favourite salad or mixed together with student-futter to energize your meals. This Mate can also be prepared as a traditional tea and has a light algae-like taste to it and lends itself to easy cuia and bomba preparation, however, a true chimarrao drinker might prefer it’s edible capacities.

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION: This mate is rich in vitamins and minerals, for example, the protein content in Meta Mate Raw is 14,93 g / 100g in comparison to standard mates that have an average of 10.89 gr / 100 gr according to “El Libro de La Yerba Mate ” from Karla Lorenzo. It also has higher theobromine and magnesium levels than other mates. For those concerned with the PAH contamination of Mate, this mate has the lowest levels of all tested, 0,58 Mu/Kg Benzoapiren in comparison to 8 to 20 Mu/Kg from conventional Mate.

As it is a natural wild harvest, every tree differs so it is not possible to establish the exact values, however based on research with the Beuth University and the Sophia Labs we can ensure that this is the most pure mate on the market and trough the low temperature of drying it conserves the minerals and antioxidant capacity as no other mate.