• Tom Culley

    I feel very privileged to have sampled some of the very early raw mate courtesy of Fabricio, it is really unique stuff!

    5 out of 5


    It is a very nice, mellow yerba, which smell reminds a nap in a freshly made hayloft. It has a grassy taste and hue, acts soft and feels sterling. I added the yerba also to the rye bread when baking the loaf. It gave an interesting absinthian undertone to the final product. Thumbs up!

    5 out of 5

    Jake Das Mx

    Quick review of unsmoked Meta Mate Raw leafy is really good, no bitterness super super fresh you can taste the forest directly in this yerba. I must said that I never try a fresh yerba like that before. If you don’t like bitter yerba mate Meta Mate Raw Unesmoked is a go for you salud.

    5 out of 5

    OrganicMate.net / Mark Kozar

    Review: Meta Mate Raw – Exceptional!

    Review of Meta Mate by OrganicMate.Net.

    Meta mate raw is absolutely the best yerba mate I have ever drank, if not one of the finest natural beverages I have ever consumed… and I have consumed A LOT in my years.

    A friend and fellow yerba mate lover passed me a few new varieties to try not too long ago. From super roasted to organic, traditional, he provided a varying (and gratifying) array so to expand my experiences and knowledge as yerba mate in Toronto is still a burgeoning and lesser known beverage here.  Among them were some likes and dislikes, but one that really stood apart and really opened my eyes and senses was Meta Mate Raw.

    I have been a constant consumer of Guayaki Yerba Mate for over decade now, and find it to be the tastiest, cleanest, purest, and most satisfying yerba mate available in Canada. I have tried the lesser expensive, bulk bag mates from latin american stores within the city, and all have been decent to very good. But none compared to the “organic fair trade” quality of Guayaki (though it is sometimes difficult to find the brand here; I’ve even had it shipped a few times from Vancouver). Yerba mate, by its nature, is susceptible to taste and quality adulteration, and the other brands always tasted spoiled with pesticides and other contaminants.
    I am a sommelier and foodie with fine tasting abilities and to me, Guyaki was the best….

    Until I tasted Meta Mate Raw.  This is yerba mate on a whole new level.

    Opening the package, you first notice the distinct texture and aromas.

    The Meta Mate is long, soft and fibrous, almost fluffy cotton compared to normal mate, which is normally chopped fine and dense. Even spooning Meta Mate, it feels lighter and more delicate.

    The aromas are quite unbelievable. Whereas normal mate is green and herbaceous of dandelion greens, wood bark and smoke, with some wet wildflower notes; Meta Mate has some of those green, herbaceous characteristics, but also additional more complex levels of amazing stone-fruit notes of peach and apricot, and deeper floral notes of violet and lily. I did NOT think I would ever experience these types of aromas from yerba mate, nor any other type of green tea. These lend heavily to the wonderfully complex, smooth and tasty yerba mate that is produced from Meta Mate Raw.

    To preserve the tea’s phenomenal purity and quality , naturally, I pre soak the tea in cold water first, beginning the infusion process and protecting it from the damages and danger of excessive heat. Then pour over the off-boiling water, steeping for 5-10 minutes in a glass/stainless steel french press… I like my mate lighter, in a more “western” brewing style.

    The taste of Meta Mate compared to other mates, to me, is the equivalent of a Grand Cru burgundy to other types of pinot noir. It is just THAT much better than the rest.
    Meta Mate has exceptional complexity, depth, very fine tannic presence, with numerous delicate, intricate nuances…
    A delicate, fresh, sweet, wet moss green taste, with sweet floral depth, and slight, distant, muscat type fruit notes.
    It has a smooth clean, soft texture in the mouth, with no harness, no bitter sting nor burn.
    There is almost NO bitterness or bite to this mate. There is no sludgy green woodiness, nor any harsh aftertaste. No chemical aftertaste.
    Fresh. Sweet. Pure. Clean. Floral and fruity.

    What this yerba mate is, is pure tea enjoyment, giving immense feeling of well-being AND vitality. I have never had anything like this wonderful beverage.

    Meta Mate Raw goes beyond what probably any other tea has: it is a masterpiece of a health drink, with taste like nothing else.
    Mark Kozar

  • Volodymyr Pavlyshyn (verified owner)

    You definitely should read how it produces . After that you will get better understanding who and why create this technical miracle that take the best from nature and bring it fresh and wild on your desk. First time when i see that i could eat. Main things is taste. I think it is unreal to describe or compare. It hard to compare unique things . Only one way is just try it by yourself. It is “champagne of mate”. I like that i could experiment a lot with Raw mate while i’m cooking.

Product Review: Meta Mate 2 in 1 Thermos in the Backcountry

By: Mi Yerba Mate

I had been thinking about how to transfer my taste for yerba mate to outdoor sports for some time. I’ve always carried my thermos and mate to the rock for climbing and on multi-day backpacking trips from Africa to Patagonia and beyond. All of these activities involve either stopping long enough to enjoy a mate session or sipping on the drink throughout the day. When the activity ends, I clean out the mate gourd, pack up the bombilla and thermos, and I’m on my way.

This year I started backcountry skiing more frequently, and this seasoned yerba mate drinker was challenged with bringing the joy of the drink to more isolated places while doing it in a way that makes sense.

Skiing in the backcountry—or in my case splitboarding—involves near-constant movement and several breaks. Much like when climbing a mountain, instead of waiting for the summit, I’d prefer to be able to suck down some yerba mate throughout. To do this, I knew I needed a mate gourd with a lid.

I searched online and came across the Meta Mate Thermo-glass, a hard-plastic insulated glass with two lids: lower lid has a loose-leaf tea filter and upper lid is the cap. The glass thermos is approximately 20 cm (7 inches) tall with a 5 cm diameter (2 inches). Like my dog Mino, the size is perfect; easy to stuff in a bag, not too small and not too big.


Meta Mate was created in 2011 as a way to bring high quality, natural yerba mate from Brazil’s Atlantic coast to consumers around the world. Meta Mate offers raw yerba mate as well as traditional yerba mate produced using indigenous processing techniques. Products such as the 2 in 1 Thermos have been designed for these teas.

I live in a skier’s paradise with access to wide swaths of backcountry in the realm of the Wasatch Mountains. Due to a dry winter with few storms, the backcountry has become important for ski hounds looking for fresh tracks. So I packed up my backpack, skins and boards on a sunny Saturday and headed for the mountains.

The Meta Mate 2 in 1 Thermos is tough enough to throw in a backpack without worrying about breakage. I packed two liters of hot water, filled the Meta Mate flask with two heaping spoonsful of CachaMate yerba.

During the ascent it was hard to not think about my imminent yerba mate session. In two hours, we reached the base of the upper bowls on the north face of Ben Lomand peak. Eating a snack, I unsheathed the Meta Mate flask, plunged my bombilla and took a few sips. Meticulously, I left dry yerba for the summit.

I gave Mino a quick snack and screwed the lid back on, strapped on my boards. After a refreshing mate, I was energized. It was clear to me that I could enjoy the backcountry more with yerba mate streaming through my body.

Another hour and we reached the summit. The wind whipped loose snow in every direction, making it difficult to do anything with bare hands, let alone put on the boards for downhill. Here, the 2 in 1 Thermos was especially advantageous. Without taking off my gloves, I quickly poured in enough hot water and my bombilla and had an invigorating push before launching down the steep mountain. And before Mino was completely covered in snow, off we went.


Before riding back to the car, I stopped for one more mate session. At least three hours after my first drink, I finished off the hot water, and the yerba was finally cashed. A five hour tour, I was able to drink yerba mate on three occasions without having to set up a gourd, wash it out, or worry about wet yerba spilling in my pockets.


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