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Tea time: How to prepare and drink mate like an Argentinean

Yerba mate (pronounced mah-teh) seems to be a fast-growing trend around the country. As a healthier alternative to coffee, the South American . by Westword (blog) Tea time: How to prepare and drink mate like an Argentinean…

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In Full Bloom

As this month draws to an end, it seems that summer is already upon us and as we all adjust to the warmer weather in South Florida, we would like to share what’s really burning up here at Project Maté Bar, Delray’s new destination for exchanging ideas, […]

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Why is Meta Mate unique?

Always the Freshest Harvest It is a common industry practice to package and distribute the Yerba Maté only after warehousing it for a period of at least 6 months. This procedure increases the caffeine content and depletes the nature of the harvested plants. After studying the indigenous […]

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Meta Mate – Cancer Research Project

Once again, Meta Mate is advancing the general knowledge of our holy herb by initiating this crowd funding research project in order to unlock the truth about links between yerba maté and some forms of cancer. Objective: The objective of this project is to clarify the relationship […]

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What You are Missing Out On

Yerba Mate Herbal Tea is one of the healthiest teas that you can be drinking. While you may think that any Asian teas leaf would be just as healthy as the next one, you would be wrong. People waste millions of dollars every year on cheap tea […]

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A very fine company

 Meta Mate around the World WATCH HERE: Meta Mate Mier is a very fine beer! By

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Be Different, Be Natural …

Along with our delicious, high-end, Gourmet Yerba Maté, Project Mate Bar – A Concept Shop, will bring together distinctive brands and form a unique collection of crafts and products. Nature joins Fashion to proudly present: Beth’s Golden Grass and Eco-Friendly Accessories The organization has materialized from the desire […]

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NOW OPEN in USA’s “most fun small town”!

PROJECT MATE BAR A CONCEPT SHOP This intimate and inviting space is an eclectic collective of unique products & novel ideas in collaboration with the global artistic community to embrace love and life based on the most fundamental principle of Maté: “S H A R I N […]

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A CONCEPT SHOP arrives in Delray Beach!

We are located @ 314 NE 4th Street Delray Beach, FL 33444 Details, store hours and event dates coming soon!

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O povo ja esta sabendo …

Read article in English – Google translation Cerveja de erva-mate chega a SM.   Que tal uma cerveja desenvolvida com um ingrediente tradicional no Rio Grande do Sul: a erva-mate? Foi o que fez o santa-mariense e fundador da Aiesec-SM Fabrício Martins do Canto. A ideia surgiu […]

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Worlds Collide!

Yerba Maté meets High-Fashion and the result is our HAUTE MATES: The most stylish way to enjoy your Maté! Made from heat resistant tempered glass, wrapped in brightly colored genuine Argentine leathers, practical size, easy clean-up, always on the GO! Making you look unique in your favorite […]

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Keeping it Green!

This Saturday, May 19th – Project Mate Bar invites you to join us for this amazing event!

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  • Our top priorities are quality and traditional production
  • We use leaves from wild-grown trees,
  • smoked with mate wood, and pounded by a water-run wooden machine
  • Our sustainable production is not dependent on electricity